Hello, I'm Sarah.

Hello World, my name is Sarah.


Fun fact, my sister was the one to name me. I consider myself lucky since child naming should never be left to a 3 year old sibling who is in love with unicorns...or maybe it should? I’ll continue to count my lucky stars just in case.


I really love photography. I mean, I wouldn’t be writing a self portrait blog on my photography website where I showcase the pretty pictures I take if I didn’t really love photography. Nevertheless, trust me, I really like it. Perhaps that is why it’s the one activity I can never truly grow tired of. Even when I stand in long lines at Disneyland, under the beating sun and the mother of 5 asks me to take a family photo with her iphone and has to remind me three times where the button is. It’s okay. I really love photography.


I share the same story with many of you. I fell in love with the mysterious beauty of creating photographs at a young age and was warned that I could never make a living at it. Little did my parents know, I would be growing up and blossoming in the golden age of digital photography. Seriously, photography has never been more accessible and been more of a mainstream and widely accepted way of making a living. Woot! Again, counting those lucky stars.


I’ve worked in various photography settings. From my own small (yet beautiful!) home office, to a small boutique wedding photography studio in Seattle, to the world’s largest online retailer’s main commercial studio in Seattle. I haven’t see it all, but I’ve seen a bit. Every place you go to work in the field of photography can teach you something different. Small studios taught me the necessity for exceptional customer service, while large studios taught me the hustle of making big projects happen, on time, under budget and on a grand scale.


With the many business lessons, I’ve had to learn a lot of personal ones as well. When it comes to business...it’s just business. I’m a type A personality, with a big gooey heart that wants to make sure everyone is happy and that we are all working together (swiftly and effectively mind you). However, that gooey heart, isn’t the golden ticket to a perfect work experience. You see, people are humans. You are human. I am human. We have moods and circumstances and experiences that affect us and how we interact on a daily basis with each other. Sometimes those factors don’t allow us all to work seamlessly.


Even in my most heartbreaking professional conversations where I am on the lowest part of the totem pole, I find that people are inherently good. They mean the best, they want the best and at the end of the day, it’s just business. Sure, it feels like the world you’ve created has fallen around you like a ginormous chocolate chip cookie that was smashed on the playground..but really guys, it’s just business. It’s okay to hurt. It’s even okay to cry. But what’s not okay, is to let it bring you down.


I want to use this blog, this post and my “contact form” as a way to connect with anyone and everyone. My gooey type A heart craves to connect to people and share experiences, as I imagine most of you do as well. Come here to see the amazing adventures I have with all my amazing clients and the goofy things I do from time to time.


So there’s a little about me. I’ll continue to share stories as they arrive in my life and that I think you’ll find interesting. I would love to hear from you if you have the time. Make a post, send me a message, set up coffee date. Let’s be human together.