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What is an Engagement Shoot?

An engagement shoot is a essentially an opportunity for you and I to get to know each other! It's a fun outing together to your location of choice, in your favorite outfits where we can snag some super cute photos and I learn what style of photography brings out the best side you YOU. 


What do I do with the photos?

Update that status on your social media platform of choice <3 But in all reality, there are so many great uses for these photos. Not only is it a fun excuse to get fully dressed up and have a fun afternoon (and perhaps a follow up date night to celebrate!) but these images are a great showcase to share online with friends and family. Lots of couples use them as their Save the Date cards for their guests to mark the date on their calendars as well as populate their wedding website with adorable images. You can also update the "old guest book" with a fun picture book for your friends to sign that makes for a beautiful keepsake! 


Great! Now what?

I am SO glad you ask! Well, drop me a note on the ol' contact page and head over to the blog to get some ideas churning for your wardrobe and location selection! Trust me, we are about to have so much fun.