As photographers we aren't just the people behind the lens. We are the people behind the editing, the ordering, the packaging, the sending, the social media,  the marketing strategy, the accounting books, the public relations, etc etc. We clearly have a lot on our plate all the time. Wouldn't it be nice if we had a beautiful, customizable and organized way of keeping all these ducks in a row? Well, we do. 

Design Aglow is an incredible company that I stumbled upon while building my business  last year. They have clean, modern templates for every part and aspect of running a photography business. My personal favorite has been the PR & Marketing Guide with iCalendar integration and worksheets that help get to the core of why you do what you do. 

I encourage you to visit their webpage and see what they are all about. You can even try them for free with a free template digital download. 

Go make magic.