13 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wants You To Know


Hey there friends,

I'm going to let you in on a few little secrets. 13 to be exact. Now, these might not be every wedding photographer's secrets but they are mine..and I want you to know all of them {{exerts big sigh of relief}}. These are things that happen for me before, on and after your wedding day, so dive on in and let me know which one surprised you the most!




You’re not the only one with butterflies on the day of your wedding.

I get super nervous too! It's like the first day of school! I check all my gear. I do my hair and make up. I double check my gear. I print off your schedule. I pack my car. I pack snacks. I grab coffee. I double check my hair and make up. I social media stalk you to see if you're getting ready. AH! So much fun...and nerves because it's your WEDDING! and I know how important it is.



I would love to help you style your outfits for both your wedding and your engagement session!

I’m a secret wannabe stylist and I have plenty of inspiration to share with you, so don't be afraid to ask!





I really do want that glass of wine at your wedding, thank you, but I still won’t take it.

For me, girl, I wanna throw my feet up and enjoy the day with you (because by this point we're probably best friends and I've been with you changing in/out of dresses, crying, and laughing on the most important day of your life) but it's about keeping that professional line with guests and ensuring the best quality of photographs. But I will eat cake with you <3


I want you to do a first look.

Like, I really want you to. It offers the BEST intimate portraits of you two together and frees up so much time during your day for bridal party, family and so much more. Plus, more time for you to enjoy your guests at the reception! (Check out my other blog post about creating the perfect timeline).



I want you to have ALL the details.

Holy Cannoli...there is nothing better in the world than when you tell me you have a calligrapher, a florist, amber glass chargers, gold cultery, hand dyed ribbon, and custom made anything. You're not the only one that spends too many hours on Pinterest! 




I'm dying to know if you like your photos. 

I'm a perfectionist. I obsess over your photos down to the smallest tilt of the lens, to the expression on your face. It might take me RIGHT up to the deadline to deliver your gallery...and when I deliver it..I sit. And wait. And wait. Until I get a reply.  


It's murder when you put Instagram filters on my images.

Remember those hours I spent pouring over your images to make them just right ^^^ ... and when I see "Hudson" or "Ludwig" over the top of my hand crafted image...it's devastating.  



My heart sinks when you don’t tag me on social media.

It sounds so silly, but referrals are the bread & butter of my industry. Each of us has incredible followings and just by tagging me your helping fuel my business and it's like giving me a thousand hugs and sending me business all at the same time! <3 




If you see me on my phone or sitting, don’t worry I’m not playing Pokemon Go!

I’m checking your schedule that’s my phone background or posting BTS of your wedding or checking to make sure I got each shot I'm seeking. Your schedule is my top priority and I'm in constant communication with your team of vendors to ensure we are on time and running smoothly...and I don't even know what a Pokemon is.


I’m not a wizard, but I am a ninja.

Weather can be a doozy. But I've shot so many weddings and lived the PNW my whole life and thankfully be trained by the industry's best so that I know exactly how to combat the worst. Now while I'm not Storm from the Xmen, but I do know how to work an indoor venue or some undercover awnings for when mother nature turns on the water works. 

Lexi & Scott Blog 38.jpg



If you trust me, and are willing to get dirty, you’ll never regret it!

Ladies, your dress will get dirty. But it's totally worth it. Often times there will be an incredible field, or alley way or rooftop that I'll want to steal you away to for sunset photos and that may involve some not so clean traveling. But trust me, that's what dry cleaners are for! If you can rock the adventure, then you are my kind of bride. 




Unplugged will be the best decision of your life …and mine. 

Alright, we've all been there. Our best friend is getting married and we really want that photo for our phones. But now it's YOUR day and you realize you don't want to see cell phones in YOUR wedding photos. Asking your guests to go unplugged will save you three things. 1.) Your friends and family from not being fully present 2.) Ugly cell phones in your wedding photos 3.) Me a ton of time having to maneuver around people and photoshop them out later..$$



I most definitely will cry on your wedding day (which is why I wear water proof mascara.)

Yup. It's true. I love a good love story. That's why I do what I do and by golly, we've gotten to know each other over the last year and I'm fully invested in your story...so now when you choke up during your vows, I'm all blubbery behind my lens!

Happens. Every. Time.