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Wedding Photography


Let's Talk Details

Here's a great place to dip your toes in to all the details before our consultation together!


What's so special?

There are some moments in time, that you only ever get to experience once. One chance to have that rush of emotions, one chance to feel that tear run down your cheek, one chance to be in a room full of love to celebrate a new chapter of life. Your friends and family are gathered to be with you and the one you love as you declare to the world your profound devotion to one another and for some, it will be the last opportunity to have all these souls in one place at one time. As a wedding and portrait photographer, I take this most important role as a way to capture these beautiful moments for my clients and gift them back to them to enjoy forever. It's important for you to create these memories, and even more important for you to be able to revisit them as the years roll by. 


What's your style?

My style of photography is a mixture of editorial and journalistic style. But what does that really mean? It means I shoot a combination of large beautiful wide open landscape images with lots of negatives space while also getting up close and personal for some intimate moments. I keep images as candid as I can, allowing you to experience your day without feeling like you have a lens in front of your face every second. Fear not if you are the camera shy type, I continue to guide my couples and groups through my photography so everyone feels at ease (and knows what to do with their hands!)

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What do I need?

Well that's quite simple, you allow me to buy you a fabulous cup of coffee and we review your wedding schedule together! Sometimes it can be difficult if you do not have extensive experience in the wedding industry to know how long to plan for what events and how to have breathing room. My couples typically book me from 8-10 hours to ensure they have every moment from the first eyelash to the last sparkler captured but as always, your wedding is all about you! That's why all my packages are custom built by my couples so they always have what they need.


the nitty gritty

For more extensive Q&As here are some downloads & resources. And of course, coffee is on me ;)